Admission Requirements
Entrepreneurs interested in becoming a part of the incubator begin by completing an application and providing a business plan with financial and growth projections.


  • Viable Market and Full-Time Business: The business' product or service should have an identifiable market and be operated as a full-time business. The expectation is that the entrepreneur would be at the incubator regularly working on the business.
  • Entrepreneurial Capabilities: The entrepreneur should have adequate technical education or business experience to exploit the technology or new business idea.
  • Job Creation: The company should create local jobs with better-than-average wages and contribute to economic development.
  • Growth Potential: The company should have the potential to reach significant revenue levels. It should expect to have growth sufficient for it to graduate from the incubator in two to three years and continue growing thereafter.
  • Coachable: Do you want business development assistance? Are you willing to learn and participate in the program?
  • A $1 million liability insurance policy with Meridian Technology Center listed as the insured will be required before move in but is not required for the initial application.

The following businesses are generally ineligible to become Residential Tenants but could still work with the CBD as Virtual Tenants:

Restaurants, retail, resellers (unless there are significant consultant or training services), franchises, multi-level marketing, oil/gas exploration businesses, real estate management or investment, sales or branch offices, and personal service businesses – though consulting services specifically focused on technology might be acceptable and could include grant writers, website developers or CFO/COO consultants.



Beardon Services, Inc., is a boutique full-service IT technology consulting firm. They assist customers with services ranging from routine network and system maintenance to complex network management and systems planning and deployment. They develop custom software and integrated systems to meet clients' needs. Beardon is an expert at modifying, deploying and hosting rich SCORM-compliant elearning materials. They guide clients into a customized online learning solution. 

Principal: Jim Wirt
Bluewater Technology LLC provides research and development services for corporate and government partners to turn innovations into commercial products. Bluewater is committed to technology development and commercialization initiatives for the purpose of making a meaningful impact.

Principal: Prabhakar Pagilla
Bone Science, Inc. is a research and development company that manufactures a revolutionary 3-in-1 deer feed/mineral supplement/attractant to enhance the overall bone structure and health of the white tail deer by focusing on ruminant enhancement and mineral delivery systems.

Principal: Hannah Carroll
Digimedia creates and operates a wide range of Web businesses from its domain name portfolio. The company's management, operations and technology, along with strategic partnerships, provides Digimedia's customers with the information, products and services they seek.

Principal: Scott Day
Environmental Technologies Group, Inc. is a full-service environmental consulting and technology development firm that has several corporate clients and performs projects across the country. ETG is certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a Small Disadvantaged Business and will be applying for the 8(a) certification. ETG is currently developing proprietary technology for the remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater.

Principal: Monty A. Bruner, PhD
The Physician's Agency was formed with the mission of protecting physicians' interests as they transition into various business situations. After understanding their personal and practice goals, the agency will either assist physicians in finding their ideal practice or restructuring their current one, including assisting in the negotiation of their contract. In addition, the physician will be given contacts with various business professionals (accountants, financial advisors, attorneys, bankers, insurance agents, etc.) who have shown proficiency in dealing with young physicians.

Principal: Jeff Scott, MD
Red Stag Media is a media production company geared toward the development of television programming, commercials for businesses, visuals for special interest groups, media for presentations and conventions, and youth programs for career development.

Principal: Brian Alford
XploSafe has developed and produces sensor technology that can identify improvised explosives or their ingredients.

Principals: Shoaib Shaikh
MaxQ is developing MaxTemp, a series of multi-use, lightweight, insulated shipping containers made of a novel composite material called NeoTherm. NeoTherm consists of a vacuum core sandwiched between two face sheet materials. The core contains a combination of space-grade, silica-based porous insulation material and structurally rigid honeycomb material, which are vacuum-sealed inside an aluminum-coated thin sheet. MaxTemp containers have three major advantages over existing insulated storage containers: they have much larger maximum usable volume (up to 80%), a higher insulation rating and high impact resistance.

Principal: Saravan Kumar
Associated Material Processing, LLC manufactures proprietary, low cost media for the complete removal of arsenic from industrial or manufacturing process waste and drinking water. Arsenic contamination in semiconductor manufacture, processed foods and drinking water is a large and growing problem worldwide. No competitive product can approach AMP's arsenic absorption rate/cost. Multiple market channel customers have tested the product.

Principal: Steve Wood
Dartphone was created as a way to increase awareness of the Lifeline program and provide an additional reliable and affordable telecommunications option to eligible low-income customers. Lifeline assistance lowers the cost of basic, monthly local telephone service.

Principal: Scott Cathey



True North Development, LLC
Principal: Tom Westbrook

The following companies have been resident tenants or graduates of the Center for Business Development during its operation.

B. Holland Inc
CFO Partners
Charles Thomson Company & e-Lobbyist USA, Inc.
Chemical & Environmental Systems, Inc.
CIE Institute
Content Matters/Wilson Web Design
Data Management & Marketing Services, LLC
Engius, LLC
Entirely Creative
Environmental Technologies Group, Inc.
Exoko Composite Products, LLC
Food ProTech, Inc.
ForHealth Technologies, Inc. (formerly OSV Oklahoma)
Fort Environmental Laboratories, Inc.
Frontier Engineering, Inc.
Glenn Solutions, Inc.
HostBridge Technology
HyperNet Solutions
Innovar, Inc.
Intelipath Technologies
MLC CAD Systems

National Learning Systems
Performance Product Technologies
Physician's Agency
ProTech, Inc.
Rackley Communications
RedGate Technologies, Inc. & Integrated Chipware
Sensor Technologies & Systems, Inc. & Cheryl Wick & Associates
Shields Consulting
Spectrum Tech
Stine Systems, Inc.
Strategic Outsourcing Solutions, Inc.
Strategic Solutions International, LLC
Synergetic Solutions
Team Sport Network
Tech, Inc
Teubner Ventures
The Webb Group
University School Services, Inc.
VELLIS (formerly DVP Media)
Web Permit, Inc./Reverse Filtering


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