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  • Delegating for Employee Development, August 8
    As a leader, you can’t achieve results on your own. Your success depends on your ability to channel the energy and talent of those you lead. And yet, many employees report feeling “underemployed” in their current roles. Leaders who learn to delegate effectively gain a powerful weapon in the battle to increase both employee engagement and results at the same time. In this session, you will identify the benefits of effective delegation, explore common barriers to delegation, discuss criteria for selecting tasks to delegate as well as employees to take on these tasks, and learn a simple tool for clarifying the level of authority being delegated with each task.

    A Culture of Respect, September 12
    “Respect” can mean different things to different people. In this session, we explore common indicators of respect in the workplace, generational ideas about respect, our personal perceptions of respect, and strategies to cultivate a culture of respect.

    Secrets to Constructive Conflict Resolution, October 10
    Effectively managing conflict is arguably the hardest thing a leader has to do.  Unfortunately, if you’re a leader and you’re doing your job, you have no choice. Workplace conflict happens everywhere, and ignoring it can be costly. Time wasted in gossip and other unproductive activities, plus all the friction it creates between employees and work groups, certainly can take a toll. This session will utilize interactive discussions regarding conflict-inducing workplace scenarios to highlight the best strategies for resolving conflict constructively.

    Mindfulness at Work: Reduce Stress and Achieve More, November 14
    Mindfulness is more than a buzzword, and it has begun to transform the American workplace. This interactive session will give you the essential tools to start reaping the benefits of staying in the present, even when work gets busy. You will learn how to reduce stress, be more productive, develop your leadership skills and achieve more.  

    Seven Things You Should Know About Working with Millennials, January 9, 2018
    Millennials are often labeled as a group of coddled, entitled job-hoppers who expect all their hopes and dreams on a silver platter.  Certainly, they are very different from the generations before them, but like it or not, they are here to stay.  This session will offer insights into the Millennial mindset, and help you better understand how to integrate them into your business culture successfully. You’ll learn specific strategies on how to connect with them and their unique learning styles, so you can better utilize their talents in your business.

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