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  • Diversity for This Generation, February 14
    Diversity, inclusion and cultural acceptance is the norm for the next generation of employees. They understand that today’s globally changing society strengthens the workplace and brings new perspectives and ideas. But what do you do when not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for cultural changes and acceptance? How do break down barriers and build bridges? This presentation will demonstrate how employers, coordinators and trainers can prepare a proactive and productive environment for an increasingly culturally diverse job seeking population. Participants will be offered suggestions on how they can develop an awareness of different perspectives found in today’s culturally diverse environment.

    Time and Talent Management for Leaders, March 21
    Do you ever go home feeling like you’ve spent the whole day doing jobs on other people’s to do lists, instead of your own? Are you overwhelmed, but not sure how to take back your calendar and time? Your life may sometimes feel out of control, but there is hope. As a leader, it’s critical that you learn the art of time and talent management. This class will teach you how to increase your focus on the challenges associated with your role, and help others to do the same. You will learn how to build initiative with the people you work with, so that their problems don’t eventually become your problems. Come learn about the underlying sources of your frustrations, and gain skills to tackle those challenges once and for all!

    Gender Identity: A Look at the Law, April 11
    Gender identity issues continue to be a hot-button issue in the workplace. Come learn how the laws that pertain to this topic can impact you and your business, especially in the areas of workplace culture, policy, and facility management.

    Creating a Culture of Accountability, May 9
    Most companies can draw a link between the results they are achieving and the level of accountability they see manifested throughout their organization. Companies that are operating with a high level of accountability are better prepared to: Clearly define results; Create alignment around those results; Instill accountability needed to deliver those results; Sustain change. To be truly effective in today’s workplace environment, leaders must be able to find ways to create higher levels of ownership and joint accountability for achieving key results. Come learn how to make this process a reality for you and your business.

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