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  • HTML5 and CSS3 Basics
    Are you wanting to get started in the world of web site development? Then start with the absolute basics of HTML and CSS. You will explore how to use HTML to build the basic framework of a webpage and then discover how to add CSS styling to create aesthetically pleasing web pages.

    Introduction to Responsive Websites with 960-Grid
    Developing a web site can be overwhelming with so many design options. Combined with the need to look great on any device, and you can easily find yourself frustrated. Designed for those with basic HTML and CSS skills, this class focuses on the 960-Grid System approach to help you streamline your development efforts. Using sketch sheets, design layouts, HTML5 and CSS, you will discover how to quickly create pages that meet a multitude of needs.

    Introduction to SQL
    Designed for those that have never used a relational database, this class will arm you with the information you need to create tables, define relationships, and manipulate data using Structured Query Language (SQL). You will be explore how quickly retrieve information using queries as well as insert, update and delete information. No prior knowledge of databases is needed.

    Introduction to Visual Studio ASP.NET
    Discover how using the built-in tools and features of Visual Studio ASP.NET can make web site and web application development a little easier. Starting with the basics, you will discover how to create html and aspx pages with a variety of controls, validation, and navigation to build multi-page websites and applications. This class will use minimal C# coding, therefore, familiarity with some type of coding language is ideal, but not required.

    iOS Programming using Swift 4
    In this course, you will progress from the very basics of Swift 4, to the latest and greatest features of iOS 11. you will begin by becoming familiar with the Xcode environment followed by a deep dive into Swift 4. You will explore all of the major areas of app anatomy. If you have ever wanted to create iPhone apps, this is the course for you! Basic programming knowledge is preferred, but not required.

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    SHORT COURSE REFUND POLICY-PLEASE READ:    A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your enrollment for each class. The deposit guarantees your enrollment and is applied to your tuition. A $50 deposit is required for classes $399 and under. A $100 deposit is required for classes $400 and over. We are happy to refund your deposit if a class is canceled.