Tech Tuesday at the Guthrie Library - Meridian Tech

Tech Training for Personal Use - Guthrie Public Library

  • We are pleased to partner with the Guthrie Public Library to offer free and low-cost training every 2nd Tuesday of the month this spring. These short, 2-hour classes are designed for the novice user and include hands-on activities to get you comfortable using the technology.

    Pre-registration is required. Space is limited. Payment (if applicable) is required prior to the class and is non-refundable unless the class is canceled.

    Safe & Effective Internet Searches
    There is more to finding the information you need on the internet than typing words in a search bar. Discover how to effectively narrow your search results to get the most relevant information you need. Explore how to stay safe while browsing the internet to keep yourself free of viruses and other attacks.

    Taking Summer Photos on Your iPhone
    Discover how to take the mystery out of iPhone photography with just a few simple techniques. You will explore tips and techniques for taking a better picture, modifying the lighting, focusing, moving from portrait to landscape to panorama, and much more!

    Cutting the Cord-Enjoying TV at a Fraction of the Cost
    Fed up with high prices, endless fees, and programming packages with 40 channels you don’t watch?  Cutting the cord and sourcing your TV programming elsewhere is easier than you may think. Join us as we help you discover cable and satellite alternatives to start saving money now. You must be comfortable using the keyboard & mouse and accessing the internet.

    Creating Memory Books on Shutterfly - Part 1 and 2
    You've captured your digital pictures, but nothing is more pleasurable that seing them in print. In this step-by-step class, you will create a Shutterfly account, upload your favorite pictures, create an online photo album and discover how you can purchase a print version for a reasonable price. You will discover how to find coupons and specials to get prints, photobooks and other gifts from the Shutterfly site at a fraction of the cost. This class spans two 2-hour sessions.