Tech Tuesday at the Guthrie Library - Meridian Tech

Computer Training for Novice Users - Guthrie Public Library

  • We are pleased to partner with the Guthrie Public Library to offer free and low-cost training every 2nd Tuesday of the month this spring. These short, 2-hour classes are designed for the novice user and include hands-on activities to get you comfortable using the technology.

    Pre-registration is required. Space is limited. Payment (if applicable) is required prior to the class and is non-refundable unless the class is canceled.

    Getting to Know Windows 10 - $15
    Did you get a new computer that has Windows 10 or you upgraded your existing one to Windows 10? This new interface has a lot of features and can be fun to use once you learn how to use it. You will discover how to work with the desktop tiles, modify settings, use techniques for easy navigation and customize the desktop appearance to make your Windows 10 computer more user friendly for you. Bring your own laptop or one will be provided for you..

    Simple Letters using Microsoft Word - $15
    Discover the absolute basics of creating a letter in Microsoft Word. You will apply layouts, styling and more to make a simple yet professional letter.

    Simple Spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel - $15
    Do you want to create an address list, a grocery list, To Do list, or a small budget? This self-guided class will enable you to navigate the Excel interface easily, enter and modify information into cells, and do basic formatting and totals.