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Crystal Washington

Do you want to improve your social media marketing efforts?

Learn to leverage social media to increase your business’s profits and productivity with input from technology strategist and certified futurist Crystal Washington. This powerful event sponsored by Meridian Technology Center and the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce will get your business on track with your social media plan.


Why attend?

You need help knowing where to start or how to improve your efforts with social media marketing.

You want practical steps from an industry expert.

You and your team want time to process information and walk away with a plan for moving forward.

Why is this training different than most?

Hour #1:

Crystal will connect live via satellite, sharing valuable tips and techniques to inspire you to leverage tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to support your business goals.

Hour #2:

You will experience a facilitated session to develop your own social media plan. For the best experience, bring your social media team plus those most affected by your marketing efforts. This valuable collaboration time will ensure all of you are on the same page.

Hour #3:

Crystal will re-join the training for Q&A and to address any obstacles you experienced in creating your social media plan.

Who should attend?

To make the most out of this experience, bring your company’s entire communications team. In addition, include those individuals in your organization that feed you content or that benefit from your social media efforts. By including all those involved in the social media marketing efforts, you will arm yourself with a team that understands the process and what it takes to maximize the tools.

What should I know about Crystal Washington?

Crystal Washington takes complex social media, app, and web topics, and makes them easy to understand and accessible for everyday people. Her clients comprise Fortune 500 companies including Google, Microsoft, and GE and as a sought-after keynote speaker, she has entertained and educated audiences around the globe. She has appeared in numerous publications including Entrepreneur, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Forbes and is regularly called on by major television networks as a tech expert.

Washington is the author of the books One Tech Action: An Efficiency Guide for Busy Non-techie Professionals to Get More Done, Build Better Relationships, and Enjoy More Free time and The Social Media Why: A Busy Professional’s Practical Guide to Using Social Media Including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and Blogs for Business.

Discover more about Crystal and what her clients say about her!

What is the schedule for this training?

8:00-8:30am – registration and breakfast

8:30am-9:30am – live webinar with Crystal

9:30am-9:45am – break

9:45am-11:00am – facilitated workshop where everyone works on their own Social Media Plan. This is where there is huge value that a company bring all the right players to the event.

11:00am-11:45am – Q&A with Crystal through live webinar so people can get answers to where they struggled or answers to additional questions not posed or answered in the first segment.

11:45am-12:00pm – wrap up and feedback

When is this training and how much does it cost?Stillwater Chamber of Commerce logo

January 23, 2019 | 8 am to noon | $79

Registration includes breakfast, live webinar with Crystal Washington, facilitated workshop experience on your company’s social media plan and feedback from Washington.

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