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Q: What helpful information do we need to keep in mind as parents or family members of a student at Tech to ensure our student’s success during the school year?

Please be sure to watch our Orientation video.

Q: What will the determining factor be if Meridian needs to move from in-person instruction to online instruction? Is there a threshold? Who will make that decision?  

Hands-on learning is at the core of who we are as a CareerTech school. The health and safety of our staff and students is our highest priority. Meridian’s leadership team is monitoring information from the Oklahoma State School Boards Association as well as local case numbers from Stillwater Medical Center. As we make decisions about in-person instruction, we are looking for a sustained improvement in COVID-19 numbers over a multiple-week time. Administration will work closely with local health department officials to determine the best action for staff and students.  

Q: What is the plan if you have to move to online learning? 

Students will be utilizing an online learning management system during both on-site and off-site instruction so they should be able to transition easily to online learning if required. During the first few weeks of school instructors will have students download the Zoom app and host a short meeting with them so they are familiar with the technology should the need to use the platform arise. 

Q: How can I contact my student’s instructor?

You can find a list of our instructors and their contact information here.

Q: I am on financial aid. How would an online schedule affect my aid?  

We will follow the federal guidelines for financial aid. Specific questions can be addressed to Ashley Hernandez Torres at 405.377.3333 or  

Q: I am earning recovery credits or taking my math course at Meridian. How will that work?  

If a student is earning credits online at Meridian, Carol Herring will be checking with them on their progress and will be available to assist as needed.  

Q: How will Cosmetology students earn the required contact hours to be eligible for state licensure?

Meridian will follow the State Board of Cosmetology guidelines. 

Q: Students typically have a break during their studies at Meridian. Since common areas will be closed, will there still be breaks this year? 

Yes, students will still take a 10-minute break in the classroom areas. Many of the common areas will be closed to follow the social distancing recommendations of the CDC.  

Q: Meridian has offered food available for purchase in the past? Will that be available this year? 

Prepared snacks will be offered for purchase. Students are also encouraged to bring their own snacks.  

Q: Will CareerTech Student Organizations still be taking place this year? 

CTSOs will be conducted as normal. We will follow the Department of Career and Technology Education State CTSO director’s guidance on activities and events.

Q:  How will students’ social-emotional and mental health needs be addressed? 

We will work closely with community resources and partner with parents and district high school counselors to address social-emotional and mental health needs.

Q: How will paraprofessionals with expertise in special education, English language learners and other services help support students with their individual needs?  

A Career Development Specialist and Spanish language translator are available to students who might require support in these areas.

Please be sure to check out the Guide to Tech for an overview of Meridian.