Best Places to Work

In 2013, Meridian Technology Center was named one of the Best Places to work in Oklahoma. Best Companies Group selects and ranks the competition entrants by collecting and analyzing data from both employer questionnaires and employee surveys to determine which companies have the best practices. Categories studied include leadership and planning, corporate culture and communications, role satisfaction, work environment and relationship with supervisor.

Meridian Technology Center provides a comprehensive employee benefits package to full-time employees. The following summary briefly describes some of the benefit programs available.

Medical Insurance – provided for full-time employees
HealthChoice medical insurance is available to employees at the time of his/her initial enrollment or within the first 30 days of employment. Coverage is effective on the first day of the second month of employment.

Dental Insurance – HealthChoice dental insurance is provided for full-time employees.

Vision Insurance – This is an option for purchase by the employee.

Basic Life Insurance – This is an option for purchase by the employee.

Flexible Benefits Plan

The Flexible Benefits Plan allows employees to set aside money on a pre-tax basis for out-of-pocket medical, dental, vision and dependent care expenses for a benefit year as permitted by Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Service. The reimbursement plans are below:

  • Medical Reimbursement Plan
  • Dependent/Child Care Plan

Additional Benefits Available through the Flexible Benefits Plan

  • Cancer Security Plans
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Group Disability Income Insurance
  • Hospital GAP Plan

Meridian Technology Center full-time employees accrue leave based on the employee’s position.

Teacher’s Retirement
Meridian Technology Center provides full-time employees with paid contributions to the Oklahoma Teachers’ Retirement System based on the employee’s salary.

Staff Development Opportunities
The Meridian Technology Center Board of Education encourages the professional development of staff. Opportunities are made available and supported by the school for employees to attend classes, workshops, seminars and conferences related to the employee’s area of responsibility.

Employee Fitness/Exercise Facility
The Meridian Technology Center Board of Education promotes good health and fitness. A fitness/exercise facility is available to current Meridian Technology Center employees and current board members. Spouses of current employees and current board members may use the facility when accompanied by the employee or board member. Additionally, children, 16 years of age and older, of a Meridian Technology Center employee or current board member may use the facility when accompanied by the employee. 

"I want a life as a forensic anthropologist."
- Savannah Jenkins,